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Plantation of Jatropha Carcus along the Roads constructed under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sarak Yojana (PMGSY), Gautam Budh Nagar, (UP) :
The national mission on Bio-diesel envisages the substitution of petroleum by alternative fuel from indigenous source. This has become even more important in view of the sky-rocketing price of international crude oil. With this objective, the cultivation of Jatropha Carcus has been identified as a potential source of bio diesel. The Government of India has designated the Ministry of Rural Development as the nodal ministry for the production of bio diesel seeds which in turn can be procured by the farmers for cultivation in their fields, specially in the wasteland. The purpose for this major thrust in the area of bio-diesel production in India is manifold :
Bio-diesel is a green fuel and is more environmental friendly;
It meets the need of providing energy security, specially in the rural areas.
It has potential of creating large scale rural employment.
It provides nutrients to soil and checks land degradation.
The Project:
A number of roads have been constructed in Gautam Budh Nagar district under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sarak Yojana (PMGSY). Refer Block Map on next page. A total of 100 kms of roads are planned to be constructed in Phases II, III & IV. Out of these, roads measuring 40 kms, connecting various panchayats in the Jewar block,have been constructed or are under construction. The Chief Development Officer, Gautam Budh Nagar (GBN), with the aim of creating employment opportunities for economic upliftment of people Below the Poverty Line (BPL) under the Swaranjayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana (SGSY)of the Government of India, has assigned IASRD the role of plantation of Jatropha Carcus along both sides of the road under PMGSY.
This has been done to achieve twin objectives of :
Creating economic opportunity for the BPL people of the area,To contribute in achieving the national objective of bringing waste/unutilized land under Jatropa cultivation to reduce crude oil imports and to meet the ever increasing demand for fuel in the country by way of production of bio-fuel.
The project will be executed by undertaking various activities for which monthwise schedule starting from Nov.06 is enclosed as Annexure ‘A'. Additionally, details of all activities indicating their scope, quantum of work and estimated cost are placed as Annexure ‘B'. Finally, summary of all activities is tabulated and is placed as Annexure ‘C'
The Jatropha saplings will take over 3 years to mature and yield seeds for extraction of bio-fuel.. Therefore, during the lean period of three years from the date of plantation of Jatropha saplings & harvesting of the crop, the SHGs have to be engaged in some economic activities in the project area, such as : development of Jatropha nursery, plantation of Jatropa on private or Panchayat lands and Canal Patris etc. Their services can also be availed to maintain the roads along which they have planted Jatropha. For this purpose some funds have to be mobilized or provision is to be made in this project itself.
Annexure ‘B'
Details of Activities:

(a) ActivityCollection and  collation  of Data.

Details of the Roads constructed or being constructed under PMGSY.
Identification of Village Panchayats under whose Jurisdiction the particular portion of Roads fall.
Since the information is to be obtained from District . Development Authority and it is compiled by IASRD, the cost is borne by IASRD.
(b) Activity : Promotional Programmes.

Under this IASRD will carry out the Promotional Programmes at the village Panchayat level to educate People on the benefits of Jatropha.

Production of Bio-Diesel and economic benefit to the BPL groups of the area and to the Panchayats. The participants will be executives of GPs, Ex-Servicemen, Retired persons,School Principals, Teachers, Students and other opinion builders in the area. There are about 20 Panchayats under whose jurisdiction the Jatropha Plantation will have to be carried out. Considering that on an average three Panchayats can be covered under the Promotional programme, there will be in all seven Promotional Programmes to be conducted.
Estimated Cost:
Cost of Back Drop 1 No. Rs.4000 Rs. 4000
Cost of Hoardings
installed at Panchayat HQ (Double sided 4'x5' at 6' height from ground)
50 Nos. Rs.5000 Rs.250000
Cost of Large Posters 100 Nos. Rs. 50 Rs.5000
Cost of Small Posters 1000 Nos. Rs.15 Rs.15000
    Sub Total = Rs.274000
The Posters will be pasted in Schools, Panchayat Ghars, Temples, Post Office Police Chawkis etc. and certain shops, Dhabar, Petrol Pump.
Recurring Cost:
Expenses towards Rs.3000
Photography ( Video & Still ) Rs.5000
Pandal, Daris, P.A. Systems Rs.5000
Refreshment for the participants Rs.2500
Cost of organizing per Programme Rs.15500
Total cost for organizing 7 Programmes Rs.108500
Sub Total Say Rs.1,10,000/-
Grand Total Rs.384000/-
(c) Activity : Identification and Selection of SHGs.

Presently a number of Self Help Groups (SHGs) have already been formed and many more will have to be formed. For each Panchayat SHGs will be selected for each stretch of road , for plantation of Jatropha saplings. For this purpose, the Jewar block is divided into 4 clusters under which the SHGs will be grouped . See Annexure B(1)

Criteria for Selection :
The criteria for selection of SHGs will be that the group is within the cluster within 4-5 km radius, the group is willing to participate in the programme and have the able bodied members. Based on the above criteria, it is presumed that about 1/3 rd of the total strength / No. of SHGs will be selected for taking up the plantation work. Accordingly about 110 SHGs will have to be motivated to under take the task

(d) Activity : Training of SHGs


Member of selected SHGs will be trained in the Plantation of Jatropha. One day training programme will be conducted to train the memberof selected SHGs. The training programme will cover following aspects:
Jatropha Carcus  and its utility.
Selection of area for plantation of Jatropha
Modality of Plantation.
Intimation about  Roads planned under PMGSY
Cluster approach.
Maintenance of the plants for initial period of three to four years till it starts  bearing fruits.
Transportation  & DA for 110  SHG Members @Rs.100/-per person. Rs.10000.00
Remuneration to trainer including transport & DA ©   Training Material Display Boards  Rs.3000.00
Photography (Video & Still) Rs.5000.00
Pandal, Daris,PA System Table, Chairs, etc. Rs.5000.00
Refreshment for the participants. Rs.5000.00
Overseeing/Supervision expenses Rs.10000.00
Contingencies. Rs.45000.00
Say Rs.50000.00
(e) Activity : Procurement, Transportation & Plantation of Jatropha Saplings
Identification of Nursery (Source) of Saplings.
Phased procurement of Saplings for different stretch of roads. ©  Planting of Saplings along the designated/ identified Roads.

Presently 3 to 6 months old  Jatropha Saplings are available.@ Rs.5/- per sapling. Transporting it from Nursery to the site will Cost another Rs.0.50/Sapling on an average. Plantation Activitiy will involve digging of pits,planting of sapling and watering them in the initial stages. This will cost Rs.7.00/ sapling. It is estimated that total COST of  40,260 Jatropha Saplings will be planted in Jewar  block @   Rs.12/- per sapling. Hence the total cost of Jatropha Sapling and  Plantation thereof is estimated at about  Rs.483120/-. 
(f) Activity : Maintenance to look after the plants during the lean period of 3-4years


Initially for two to three months plants will need regular watering and care. Although the animals do not eat these plants they will have to be cared for in the initial stages on regular basis so as to reduce the mortality of plants. After about 2-3 months, only periodic inspection/maintenance will be required.


Although the SHGs will not be paid any remuneration during the lean period, to sustain their interest they can be covered under the National Employment Guarantee Programme & can be involved in other development works, Concurrently.

(g) Activity : Harvesting & storing of Jatropha seeds.


The crop will be stored after harvesting on the pattern prevalent system in the villages. After 4-5 years when the tree starts bearing fruits they will be harvested and collected by the SHGs involved in the plantation & maintenance of the plants. The Jatropha seeds will be transported to the storage place provided by the particular panchayat. This will involve :

Harvesting  of the crop by SHGs.
Transportation & seeds storage by Panchayat.
(h) Activity : Extracting of Jatropha seeds and storage

This activity will be undertaken after three-four years.

(i) Activity : Marketing/Selling of Jatropha seeds .


As above.
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