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Promotional Programme for cultivation of Jatropha at Gopalgarh Panchayat;Jewar Block, Gautam Budh Nagar (U.P)
The promotional program for cultivation of Jatropha on both sides of the PMGY roads has been planned by IASRD with the sole objective of promoting cultivation of Jatropha in Jewar Block as a part of national mission of bringing waste and unutilized land under Jatropha to reduce crude oil import and to meet the ever increasing demand for petroleum products, in the country. Simultaneously it will help in increasing economic opportunities for the people of rural areas. It is proposed to plant Jatropha on both sides of 40 kms stretch of roads being constructed or constructed under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sarak Yojna. These roads will form part of the Panchayat assets. It is therefore necessary to educate the Panchayat Pradhans and other Panchayat executives about the utility of Jatropha as a source of producing bio-fuel. IASRD will conduct seven promotional programs covering 20 Panchayats.

The promotional programme at Gopalgarh is the first in the series. This programme covers five Panchayats namely Jewar Khadar, Gopalgarh, Jhuppa, Govindgarh and Bhagwantpur.

Programme Objective:

The main objective of the programme is to motivate the participants for promotion of Jatropha cultivation on the waste land under Gram Panchayat since it can create employment opportunities for the people of the Area and help the nation in production of Bio-Diesel as a substitute for Petro-Diesel which is becoming dearer day by day.

The programme was attended by the following :
(a) Panchayat Pradhan of the three Panchayats namely Jewar Khader Gopalgarh and Jhuppa.
(b) Members of SHGs from Jhuppa, Gopalgarh.
Following persons addressed the participants :
(a) Chief Development Officer Gautam Budh Nagar Sh.R.S.Gaharwar
(b) Block Development Officer , Jewar Block, Sh.Gyan Singh
(c) Chairman IASRD Dr.K.D.Gupta
(d) District Horticulture Officer, Mr.S.P.Singh
(e) Representative of Petroleum Conservation Research Association, Ministry of Petroleum
Mr. Vishal Anand
(f) Representative from NABARD Dr. Sharma


All the above speakers stressed the importance of Jatropha cultivation since it is used in production of Bio-diesel which is a substitute for Petrol-diesel. Also it will create employment opportunities for the local people below the poverty line and will be a source of additional income for the Gram Panchayats. They were advised to plant Jatropha on the waste lands available on both sides of the roads constructed/being constructed under the PMGSY, along the canals,distributaries and minors and other waste lands available with Gram Panchayats. The role of Gram Panchayats being the Administrative bodies at the village level was emphasized since the land over which Jatropha Plants were to be planted belonged to them. It was also emphasized that for Jatropha plantation only SHGs should be employed,so that the maximum employment opportunities could be generated for the local poor people of the area.. This will help to improve the economic condition of the poor people on one hand and will generate income for Gram Panchayats to enable them to carry out other social activities in the villages.


It has been planned to commence plantation of Jatropha from the second week of January 2006.. Pradhans were advised to make plans in this regard and also prepare a budget allocation for buying Jatropha saplings. They were also advised to evolve a mechanism of sharing of the produce between Gram Panchayats and Self Help Groups.
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